Save valuable time getting through Gatwick with Premium Security access.

Want to make sure you get through security in plenty of time for your flight? Book Premium Security access at the same time as your car parking for priority access through North and South Terminal security lanes.

Whether you’re flying to New York for a business meeting, or to Tenerife for a leisurely two weeks in the sun, the security process is an essential part of air travel. Many of our travellers decide to add Premium Security access as an extra to their car parking booking. You’ll gain access to a dedicated, private security lane, which gives you an extra layer of convenience. Premium Security can help simplify your trip through Gatwick Airport, from the check-in desk to your gate.

Booking your access to the Premium Security lane at the same time as your parking could be that small convenient extra that single-handedly sets the tone for your whole trip. When combined with one of our nearby parking options, it creates the perfect start to your journey and is well worth investing in, whether you’re flying from the North or South Terminal.

You can book Premium Security when you book your car parking. For just £5 you can access the Premium Security lanes within the two terminals, enabling you to breeze past the queue and into the departure lounge with the minimum of fuss.

Opening times

In both North and South Terminals, the Premium Security lanes are open from 0400 until 2045.

Unless you’re flying out especially late, Premium Security should always be an option for you to take advantage of, to help ease any concerns you might have about not having enough time to get through the terminal.

Book Premium Security either on its own or when you pre-book your parking