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North terminal Parking

Gatwick Airport's North Terminal is easy to access from the M23 at Junction 9. It offers six hassle-free parking options within the airport perimeter.

All Gatwick Airport car parks are fully protected by CCTV and 24/7 security patrols. There are valet, cleaning and premium parking options available. You're sure to find one that's convenient and within budget. Don't forget if you book in advance, you can save money.

Check out the North Terminal parking options below.

Long stay parking

Long Stay North allows you to park your car yourself and then take a five-minute bus transfer to the terminal. This option is ideal if you're taking a relatively lengthy trip. You won't need to arrange a lift, or travel to and from the airport with your luggage on public transport. With this parking option, you enjoy the feeling of security that comes with hanging onto your keys.

Short stay parking

The Short Stay North multi-storey car park is right next to the airport terminal. This makes it really convenient if you want to park close by. This is the best car park if you're only staying for a few hours. (For instance, if you're dropping someone off but want to see them through check-in.) The rates are affordable and the security of the facilities will ensure your vehicle is safe for the duration of your stay.

Valet parking

Valet Parking at the North Terminal is a great solution if you are travelling with lots of luggage. The car park reception in the multi-storey car park is at the same level as the access to the terminal, so there are no immediate stairs or lifts to worry about. If you choose this option, we'll park your car for you and make sure it is waiting for you on your return to Gatwick. You can even book the car in for a clean!

Premium parking

Premium Parking North is located in a dedicated area of the short stay car park. It offers the closest possible self-parking facilities with bigger parking bays. These give you more space if you have a larger vehicle and allow you to negotiate luggage loading more easily. Plus, you keep your keys. The North Terminal's premium car parking is a great option for business travel and family holidays.

Summer Special

The Summer Special deal offers great value parking if you're travelling from Gatwick North Terminal between March and October. When you arrive, simply pull up in a dedicated bay, hand your keys in to reception for safekeeping, and take a 10-minute bus ride to the terminal. You'll save money with the special rates, and we'll save you time by finding a safe and secure parking spot for your vehicle. 

Valet Winter Special

The Valet Winter Special is available from October to April for bookings over three weeks. If you’re heading off for winter sun or for a few weeks on the slopes, Valet Winter Special is the option for you. Simply give us your keys and we’ll park for you. On your return, your car will be ready and waiting. The car park is close to the terminal, ideal for families and those carrying winter sports equipment.

About Gatwick Airport North Terminal

The North Terminal is Gatwick Airport’s newest terminal, having opened in 1988. Its main responsibility is to handle arrivals and departures for flights operated by by Easyjet, Virgin Atlanti, Emirates, Air China and Thomson Airways. It also houses long stay and short stay car parks.

All Gatwick Airport car parks are fully protected by CCTV and 24/7 security patrols. Additionally, we provide indemnity insurance against damage inadvertently caused by any of our staff.

About long stay parking

The long stay car park works in the same way as any car park. Keep your car keys on you and make a note of where you parked before heading to the bus stops, which are close by. Buses run every 10 minutes on a 24/7 basis and the trip to the car park will take only five minutes. When you return, hop on a shuttle bus from right outside the terminal back to the car park. You'll be back at your car quicker than with the alternative parking options off the airport site.

The price is £20 per day for the first day and £15 for subsequent days. There is no charge for stays under 2 hours.