Parking your car for more than a couple of days? Long stay parking is a convenient and value for money option – it’s safe and secure with quick access to your terminal.

Long stay

Our official Long Stay car park is the ideal place to park for longer stays.

  • 5-minute bus ride to your terminal with buses every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day
  • Safe and secure parking with frequent patrols, security fencing and CCTV coverage
  • Self-parking facility - you find your own space and keep your car keys with you

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Close to the terminal

It's just a five-minute direct trip to the door of the check in zone at the terminal. And you won't have to wait long for a bus as they come along every 10 minutes – night and day, every day.

Safe and secure

Security measures at our long stay car parks include frequent patrols of the car park, security fencing and CCTV coverage as well as all other normal security measures you would expect of Gatwick Airport.

How long stay parking works

The long-stay car park works in the same way as any car park. You drive in, find a suitable available space and take your car keys with you. The bus stops are close by and the frequent service means that you'll quickly arrive to catch your flight without delay.  

You need to remember where you've parked your car so you can find it quickly on your return.

On your return from your trip – you just hop on a shuttle bus from right outside the terminal back to the car park. No matter what time of day or night buses run every 10 minutes and the trip to the car park will take only five minutes. You'll be back at your car quicker than with the alternative parking options off the airport site.


Advantages of pre-booking

You can save up to 65% by pre-booking online. You can also be sure of getting a space in your chosen car park for your terminal.

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