A budget-friendly parking option for your holiday.

Summer special parking at Gatwick Airport

Summer Special parking is a cost-effective option for those jetting off for more than a week.

  • We'll park your car so you don’t have to worry about finding a space
  • Just 10 minutes is all it takes your bus to reach the airport
  • Save money by pre-booking or pay on the day
  • The best value option if you’re away for more than a few days

Book Summer Special parking

If you’re flying out of Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal between Easter and October, our Summer Special deal is a hassle-free long stay parking option.

Summer Special is the cheapest parking at Gatwick Airport if you're away for longer than a week. This is our best value holiday parking option, leaving you with more spending money for your trip!

How Summer Special parking works

Gatwick Summer Special parking is quick, efficient and straightforward.

When you arrive at the car park, pull into a specially marked bay and head straight into reception. Hand us your keys in return for a receipt and one of our fully insured drivers will park your car for you.

From there, you simply hop on the Summer Special bus, which runs every 10-15 minutes, and will be in the North Terminal in just 10 minutes.

The car park is manned 24/7 and regularly patrolled by our trained staff. Sites are CCTV monitored and perimeter fenced. It’s also Park Mark ‘Safer Parking’ approved.

Entering the Summer Special car park

When you arrive, pull up to the barrier and wait for your registration to be scanned.

Park in one of the arrival lanes and walk to the Summer Special reception building. Fill in a self-service label and a staff member will ask for your car parking voucher and keys, which will be exchanged for a receipt.

Then, wait a few minutes for a bus – either inside the reception building or outside by the bus stop, depending on the weather – hop on, and it’ll take you directly to the North Terminal.

Exiting the Summer Special car park

When you return from your holiday, use the bus to head back to the Summer Special car park.

Then, come to the reception with your receipt. Your car will be brought around for you, so there’s no need to worry about remembering where you parked.

Summer Special for Blue Badge holders

This option is suitable for Blue Badge holders. Our reception building and buses are full compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).