When you think of dropping off and picking up passengers at airports, you might think of congestion and delays. Gatwick Airport have processes in place to ensure that both drop-off and pick-up is as quick, easy and hassle-free as possible.

All passengers can be dropped off at no charge on the conveniently located forecourts just outside the North and South Terminal buildings. Although the facility is free, there is no waiting allowed on the forecourts.

There are two Gatwick Airport pick up options available for our passengers: the convenient express pick up areas and the free pick up areas in long stay car parks.

Convenient Express Pick Up Areas (Short Stay Car Parks)

Gatwick Airport Express Pick Up signGatwick have introduced a convenient Express Pick Up area on Level 0 of Short Stay Car Park 3 (Orange) at the South Terminal. This allows passengers to easily meet their driver at a designated pick up area.

This area is designed for quick pick-ups and unattended vehicles are not allowed. It should be used as an alternative to the forecourts by passengers exiting the terminal and meeting vehicles.

There is no financial incentive for passengers and drivers to use the Express Pick Up areas. They facilitate a quick pick up process and easy wayfinding for both the passenger and the driver.

Free Pick Up Areas (Long Stay Car Parks)

As an additional benefit to all passengers we have introduced a free Gatwick pick up facility through our long stay parking sites. This allows parking for up to two hours at no charge. The driver can either:

  1. Arrange to meet their passenger(s) at the customer service building of the long stay car parks where there are specific bays marked ‘Free Pick Up’. The passenger(s) then boards the regular long stay bus service and gets off at the appropriate bus stop in order to meet their driver.

  2. Park in the long stay car park as normal and use the two free hours of parking to take the free long stay bus to the terminal, where they can meet their passenger(s) and return to their vehicle. After the two hours have expired, normal car parking tariffs apply.

Live within the RH/GU/BN or TN postcodes?

Gatwick have introduced a Residents Discount Pick Up Scheme, allowing members a special tariff for quick short stay pick-ups. There is a nominal annual fee, but up to three vehicle registration numbers can be added per account, meaning you can share the 250 uses per annum between the household. For full details, please refer to the Residents Discount Pick Up Scheme on the Gatwick Airport website.