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South terminal Parking

If you're using Gatwick Airport's South Terminal, there are parking options to suit every budget within the airport boundaries.

The South Terminal is accessible direct from the M23 at Junction 9 and offers parking if you are:

  • Flying out of the airport
  • Picking up or dropping off passengers
  • Visiting airport hotels

All car parks at Gatwick Airport are protected by CCTV and 24/7 security patrols. We offer valet, cleaning and premium parking options.

The South Terminal is also home to Gatwick Airport station, one of the south-east's key rail network hubs. It is an important link for commuters heading up to London or down towards the South Coast. Many choose to use the airport commuter car park when they catch the train (either as a daily commuter or in the evenings).

Long stay parking

Long Stay South is open throughout the year and the terminal is just a five-minute bus transfer away. With long stay parking, you park your car and keep your keys. This option is ideal if you're taking a relatively long trip. When you choose Gatwick Airport long stay car parking, you don’t need to arrange a lift or travel on public transport with your luggage to and from the airport.

Short stay parking

Short Stay South is the ideal option for those staying for a few hours or picking up friends and family from the airport. There's a short covered walk to the terminal building, offering fast access to arrivals and departures. The short stay car park is secure with 24/7 CCTV coverage and regular staff patrols. You won't need to worry about your car at the terminal, even on a short trip to Gatwick Airport.

Valet parking

For a hassle-free experience, Valet Parking at Gatwick’s South Terminal is extremely convenient. You park at terminal level with no stairs or lifts to navigate, which is perfect if you've got lots of luggage. Our professionally-trained staff will take your keys, park your car, and make sure it’s waiting upon your return. You can even book your car in for a clean while it's with us.

Premium parking

If convenience is your priority, then Premium Parking South is ideal for you. Premium Parking is located within our multi-storey car park, and you can’t park closer. You can just walk straight across to the terminal with your luggage upon your arrival. Premium parking customers will also be able to enjoy extra security measures so that the car is kept safe throughout its stay.

Valet Winter Special

The Valet Winter Special is available from October to April to those who will be away for three weeks or more. It's great if you're heading off for some winter sun or a few weeks on the slopes. Simply give us your keys and we’ll park for you. It costs just £99 to securely park your car, which will be waiting for you when you return. The car park is located next to the terminal, so access couldn’t be easier.

Evening Special

If you want to arrive after 5pm and leave before 2am, Evening Special parking is ideal. You park in the short stay car park, with quick access to the fast Gatwick Express service into London. You can be in London in as little as 20 minutes, and take advantage of regular late-night returns from Victoria. Evening Special parking at Gatwick makes it easy to enjoy an evening out on the town with friends.

Commuter parking

Commuter parking at Gatwick Airport's South Terminal is available if you regularly travel by train. The station is a key hub between London and the South Coast. We have a range of parking season tickets to choose from, so you can commute back and forth with ease. Whether you opt for a month, quarter or full year's parking, the affordable options will make your commuting life a much simpler prospect.

About Gatwick South Terminal

The South Terminal at Gatwick Airport opened in 1958, the first of the airport’s terminals to do so. As such it handles the bulk of the airport’s arrivals and departures. Domestic, international and charter airlines operating out of the South Terminal include Aer Lingus, British Airways, Monarch, Norwegian and Ryanair. It also houses long stay and short stay car parks as well as the Gatwick Airport rail station.

All Gatwick Airport car parks are fully protected by CCTV and 24/7 security patrols. Additionally, we provide indemnity insurance against damage inadvertently caused by any of our staff.

About long stay parking

The long-stay car park works in the same way as any car park. Keep your car keys on you and make a note of where you parked before heading to the bus stops, which are close by. Buses run every 10 minutes on a 24/7 basis and the trip to the car park will take only five minutes. When you return, hop on a shuttle bus from right outside the terminal back to the car park. You'll be back at your car quicker than with the alternative parking options off the airport site.

The price is £20 per day for the first day and £15 for each day thereafter. There is no charge for stays under 2 hours.