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Gatwick Airport Lounges

Gatwick Airport boasts a choice of lounges in our North and South Terminals, suitable for both business travellers and holidaymakers.

Many believe airport lounges are a luxury only available to the rich and famous, but enjoying a few precious hours of VIP treatment is more affordable than you think.

The cost of entry includes three hours in the departure lounge, where you can enjoy complimentary refreshments – including drinks – unlimited Wi-Fi, and an area to unwind in away from the bustling terminal.

Save money by pre-booking your airport lounge online today.

Explore our range of lounges at Gatwick

No.1 Traveller (North & South)

  •  Open 4am–10pm
  •  Watch the latest sporting events at the fully-stocked bar
  •  Enjoy peace and quiet in the library
  •  Hot and cold food included
  •  Private meeting room available
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Club Aspire (North)

  •  Open 5.30am–10.30pm
  •  Relax with a book in the quiet area
  •  Complimentary drinks and snacks included
  •  Charging facilities available
  •  Family-friendly environment
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My Lounge (North & South)

  •  Open 6am–2pm 
  •  Loft-style lounge with social seating areas
  •  Pour-your-own complimentary drinks
  •  Self-service snacking included
  •  Games den with consoles
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No.1 Clubroom (North & South)

  •  Open 5.30am-4pm (North) & 5.30am-9pm (South)
  •  Premium Security access
  •  Dedicated table service for hot and cold food
  •  Access only to those 12 years+
  •  Quiet, classy seated areas to unwind
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