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At the Car Parks

How early do I need to be at Gatwick Airport?

Your airline should advise you on how early you should arrive at the airport.

Please remember to allow time to park and get from the car park into the terminal, particularly if you are parking in either the Long Stay or Summer Special car parks.

How long should I allow to get to the terminal if parking in Long Stay?

Our buses run regularly – approximately every 12 minutes – from the Long Stay car parks and take between 5 to 12 minutes to get to the terminal, depending on whether you’re flying from the North or South.

During peak periods, buses may be busy, which means you may have to wait for the next one, so please factor in this time when planning your arrival time.

How long does it take to get to the airport from the Long Stay car park?

Buses operate on a 24-hour service between the car park and the terminal, 365 days a year. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes to reach the South Terminal and 7 to 12 minutes to get to the North.

Is there a bus transfer included in my parking prices?

A bus transfer to the terminal is included in the price of Long Stay and Summer Special Parking only.

Where can I find directions to the car parks?

You can find a full list of directions on our Car Parks page.

This information can also be found on your booking confirmation email.

How secure are the car parks?

Our car parks are regularly patrolled and Long Stay options are perimeter fenced.

How do the car park barriers work?

Our car parks have automatic number plate recognition. Simply pull up to the entry or exit barrier and wait a few seconds for the system to recognise your registration number. It will be scanned and, when recognised, the barrier will lift.

Upon arrival, if your registration is not recognised after 15 seconds, press the button for a ticket and the barrier will rise. You’ll then have to get your booking validated at the customer service office, which can be found at the car park exit.

Do the car parks have height restrictions?

Our Short Stay South car parks have a height restriction of 2m. In the North Terminal, Short Stay Car Park 5 has a height restriction of 1.8m, whilst Car Park 6 can accommodate vehicles up to 2.1m. 

In the South Terminal, the high sided vehicle area is located after the entrances to the Short Stay car parks, on the left-hand side.

In the North, there is no high-sided vehicle parking in our Short Stay car parks. Instead, we advise you use the Long Stay car park, or park in the South Terminal and take the free shuttle over to the North.

What happens if the car park is full?

If you pre-book your parking, you are guaranteed a space, so there’s no need to worry.

Please consider that if you turn up on the day, there is a chance that you’ll be diverted to an alternative car that may cost more.

Will you move my car whilst I'm away?

If you choose from our Valet, Summer Special or Gatwick Official Meet & Greet parking options your car will be moved to a secure storage facility whilst you are away.

If parking in Long Stay or Short Stay, you’ll keep your keys and your car won’t be moved.

What happens if my car won't start when I return?

Our operations team can provide a jump start.

How long are the car parks open for?

Car park operations are open 24 hours 365 days of the year.

Where can I park if I'm picking up or dropping off a passenger at the airport?

You can drop off passengers for free at the forecourts just outside the North and South Terminal buildings; however, waiting is not allowed.

If you’re picking someone up, you can park in the Short Stay car park or the express pick-up area for the standard Short Stay fee.

Alternatively, you may use the Long Stay car park for free if your stay doesn’t exceed two hours, although, you will have to allow time to take a bus to the terminal.

Find out more about our passenger collection options.

What if my flight is delayed while I am parked at Gatwick?

If your flight is delayed and you go over your car park exit time, you will be charged an overstay charge based on the number of days you have stayed in addition to your booking. Overstays are charged at the prevailing drive-up tariff.

Can I arrive early for airport parking?

You can access the car park up to two hours prior to the time listed in your booking. However, our car park prices apply to a 24-hour period, which means if your early arrival time in the car park runs into a further 24-hour period, you will have to pay for an extra day at the drive-up tariff.

Can I keep my keys at Gatwick parking?

If you are parking in either the Long Stay or Short Stay carparks, you will keep your keys with you until you return to pick up your car. If you choose the Valet, Summer Special or Gatwick Meet & Greet options, your car will be moved to a secure storage facility whilst you are away.

How long can I park in Short Stay at Gatwick?

There is no minimum or maximum stay in the short stay car park. You can park for up to 30 minutes in the short stay car park for £4, rising to £90 for 2 days, and £45 for each subsequent day. You may use the Long Stay car park for free if your stay doesn’t exceed two hours.If you are planning on staying for longer than 5 hours, we recommend using the Long Stay or Premium Long Stay car parks.