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Blue Badge Holders

Do you offer a discount for Blue Badge holders?

If you’re a Blue Badge holder and are parking in the Premium Parking area for less than four hours, you’ll be charged the standard Short Stay rate.

When you’re at the entry barriers, press the ‘Assistance’ button. On your way out, press the intercom again to be let out of the Premium area, then pay the usual Short Stay price at the ticket booth.

If you’re planning to leave your car for more than four hours, the Premium Parking rate will be applied for the whole parking period.

We do not offer any other discounts for Blue Badge holders; however, all car parks contain Blue Badge bays that are well located for easy access to the airport.

Please see our full list of prices.

Where are the Blue Badge parking spaces?

 Blue Badge parking bays are located in all car parks at Gatwick, in both the North and South Terminals.

Visit the relevant car park page for more information.

What if I need to take my Blue Badge abroad?

Not a problem. Park up as normal and take your blue badge to the customer service office, where they will photocopy it.

You can then display the copy in your car and take the original away with you.

Can I get special assistance from the car parks?

Special assistance phones are available within the Short Stay car parks, as well as close to the Long Stay shuttle bus stop at the terminal.