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Electric Cars

Do you have electronic charging points available at the airport?

Yes, there are eight charging points in our North and South Terminal Short Stay car parks.

In the North Terminal, you can find them in Car Park 5, Level 3; in the South, they are located on Car Park 3, Level 1.

Charging your vehicle is free and, whilst charging your car, you may stay in the Short Stay car park for up to four hours for free. When leaving the car parks please visit the customer service office or press the assistance button at the exit barriers.

How do I use electronic points?

  1. Obtain a charging card by registering with our electric charge provider, Pod Point.
  2. Go to the relevant terminal’s Short Stay car park and take a parking ticket.
  3. Plug your vehicle in at one of our free charging points.
  4. Before leaving the car park, go to the customer service office with your parking ticket and charging card.
  5. If you’ve been in the car park less than four hours, it’s free. Any time beyond this, the whole parking period is charged at the normal hourly rate.

Can I check availability of the electronic charging points?

Yes, you can get live availability from the Pod Point website, but you are unable to book these for specific times and the points work on a first-come-first-serve basis.