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Robotic Car Parking

Is my vehicle suitable for Robotic Parking?

Our robots will accept vehicles that fit into a standard size parking space (2.4 x 4.8m) and weigh under two metric tonnes. For a full list of specifications and examples of cars that we cannot accept, please see below:

  • Maximum weight: 2.6T
  • Max. height: 2.40m
  • Minimum under-body height: 12cm
  • Max wheel diameter: 21”
  • Maximum front overhang: 125cm
  • Maximum rear overhang: 125cm
  • Wheelbase between 180cm and 330cm
  • Minimum internal tyre track: 105cm minimum
  • Maximum external tyre track: 205cm maximum

Are there any types of vehicle which are unsuitable for Robotic Parking?

Although our robots are able to park most vehicles autonomously, there are some vehicles which are not suitable for Robotic Parking:

  • Extra-long vehicles
    Pick-up trucks, station wagons with trailers or other vehicles with a wheelbase longer than 330cm will not fit in the drop-off cabins.
  • Extra-tall vehicles
    An SUV with a roof box on top, a large utility vehicle or a vehicle equipped with a bicycle carrier are prime examples.
  • Vehicles with a low underbody height
    Sports cars and other vehicles with a sport chassis are unsuitable for Robotic Parking.
  • Vehicles with wheel diameters greater than 21"
    Some high-end SUVs have large wheel diameters and are therefore unsuitable.
  • Vehicles weighing more than 2.6T
    Most vans are suitable for robot parking provided they are under this weight, but a loaded utility vehicle, for example, would likely be heavier and unsuitable.