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Why pre-book Your Parking?

Gatwick Parking aims to provide you with competitively priced parking and to give you a positive customer experience.

We know our passengers have different requirements and therefore try to ensure that we have a variety of options available to suit every need. You are able to choose from a range of options from budget to premium.

Why book in advance? 

Our pricing works on a supply and demand basis. This means the further in advance you book the better the price you are likely to get.

Long stay car parks are a 10-minute bus ride from the airport terminal and have vast amounts of space available. This means that although passengers are unable to walk to the terminal, we are able to offer a lower price for Long Stay parking.

Short stay car parks are closer to the terminal and don’t require a bus. These are more popular with our passengers, thanks to their convenience, but they hold fewer spaces. Therefore these short stay spaces are at a premium which is reflected in the difference in pricing with Long Stay.

Premium parking spaces are the closest to the terminal and you get to keep the keys to your car. Spaces are very limited so this can be more expensive than short stay parking, depending on how long you stay.

Valet parking is competitively priced, offering you the convenience of dropping off your car and having it waiting for you on your return. With Valet Parking the longer you are away the more discount you'll be offered.

Summer special parking offers great value parking. It is the best value option if you are going away for more than a few days between March and September from the North Terminal and we will park your car for you allowing us to free up arrivals bays and therefore pass on a discount.

Valet winter special is a valet parking option from October to April for bookings of more than 3 weeks which allows us to pass a discount on to you thanks to the length of stay.


Parking on the day

We like to ensure that passengers who turn up on the day without pre-booking a parking space are able to make use of one of our car parks – after all nobody wants the stress of not being able to park before a flight. This means that people turning up on the day will pay a premium gate price for the limited spaces that are left.


Don't forget, you can save money by booking ahead.

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