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Where can I find my booking reference?

Your booking reference can be found on the confirmation email sent to you after booking. It begins LGW (e.g. LGW-DW-1234567).

How can I resend my email confirmation?

You can request to be resent your email confirmation by ringing our call centre on 0330 333 9268.

Can I change the registration details attached to my booking?

You can amend the details of the car attached to your booking up to 24 hours before you’re due to arrive at the airport by ringing our call centre on 0330 333 9268.

If you make any changes within 24 hours of your arrival time, please speak to a team member at the customer service desk on arrival.

Can I cancel my booking?

Bookings for future entry dates

If your booking is for an entry date in the future, please visit the Manage My Booking section of our website at to cancel your booking. Your payment will be refunded to you automatically and no further action is required. If you have any difficulties with processing your refund, please call us on 0330 333 9268. Please be aware that we are currently experiencing long waiting times at our call centre so please bear with us.

Car parking bookings for entry dates in the past

In order to process your refund as quickly as possible, please email only if your travel date has now passed. Please include your booking reference in the subject line, failure to do this will delay your refund. We are processing these in the order we receive them and it’s our aim to process your refund within 30 days of receiving your email. A receipt will be sent to your email address confirming the refund has been processed.

Can I cancel my booking if my car breaks down on the day of travel?

We're afraid we cannot offer a refund on bookings that aren’t used due to a vehicle breakdown.

If this does happen, please contact our customer service team who will be able to assist you.