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Affordable parking season tickets for commuters

Looking for London commuter parking or regularly head down to Brighton? Park your car at Gatwick Airport and jump straight on the train to work.

  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly season tickets available
  • Regular, direct trains up to the City and down to the South Coast
  • Safe, secure car parking option

Contact our parking season ticket team today to reserve your space

0330 313 2124

Why Choose Gatwick Parking?

Gatwick Airport’s train station is in a prime location in the centre of the commuter line between Brighton and London. Both destinations can be reached directly from here in under an hour, making it a great choice for commuters living nearby.

If you travel regularly from the Gatwick Airport area, why not purchase a commuter parking season ticket? Then, you can simply park your car, jump on the train, and head to your chosen destination.

Travelling from Gatwick Station for an event?

If you’re catching a train from Gatwick for a one-off trip, or if you travel less regularly, our Short Stay parking option may be more suitable for you.

Alternatively, if you’re heading into London for the evening, benefit from a significantly reduced parking rate with our Evening Special option.

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Reserve your spot in the commuter car park by calling our team

0330 123 3864

Graphic illustration representing the  Gatwick Airport App. A hand holds a phone and three airplanes fly from the phone.
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Make the most of your journey with the Official Gatwick Airport App

With everything you need to help you get to your destination, wave stressful travels goodbye with the Official Gatwick Airport App.

Download the Free Official Gatwick Airport App today

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  • Real-time queue times
  • Map functionality to guide you through the airport
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